Payment Info

Payment Methods



Cash Payments

All payment options can be selected at the check-out stage.

All cash payment orders need to be set up by a customer service representative.

Please contact a customer service representative via phone or e-mail to pay by cash or money order.

Money orders

Only money orders from the US are accepted.

Cash/Money Orders are sent at your own risk. Our company provides this payment option because we understand that not everyone is comfortable with sensitive information being used on the internet. We hold no responsibility if your payment is lost or stolen.

Credit Cards

Credit card payments are made through, please make sure the billing information matches the card holder’s information. If incorrect information is provided, our security system will reject the transaction. will automatically transfer the payment back into card holder's account and order will be discarded. Rejected payments could take up to two (2) weeks to appear back into card owner's account depending on the company credit card is registered with. Please call your credit card company for more information.


PayPal user’s address should match their shipping address.

PayPal chooses random payment as reviews, if your payment gets chosen, we have to wait until it clears before shipping.

This process is solely done by PayPal and is beyond our control.

E-checks take up to seven (7) days to clear. (It is like a regular check through PayPal) Orders will be sent out after the payment is received.


Q: I ordered with the money/order payment method - then I checked the status of my order and it says it's voided. How come?

A: The reason for this is we allow customers 1 week for domestic orders and 2 weeks for international orders to send in their payments to us in order to keep our inventory up to date and the availability of products fair for all customers. If your payment is not received within these times, your order will be voided. After your order is voided and your payment arrives to us after that, the amount will be transferred into reward points which will still enable you to order. However, you will need to process a new order if your order is voided.

Q: I sent in my money order payment a few weeks ago and you still haven't received it - what happens now?

A: Please understand that we have made the money/order payment method available for the convenience of those who do not have access to credit cards or other forms of payments. When you send in your payment, you are sending it at your own risk. If your payment is lost in the mail, it is not at the fault of SoGlam. However, once we do receive your payment, your order's status will change to "Approved" once it is reviewed and approved. To check on the status and view the details of your order(s), log into your account on SoGlam and click on your order number.


Note: SoGlam will never ask you for any personal information including credit cards, social security numbers, or any sensitive information that may cause your identity to be breached. If you ever encounter an e-mail that claims to be a part of SoGlam please kindly notify us for verification prior to making any actions.