Maycare: Double Sided Eyelid Tape (Small)

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48 pieces in a pack. Paste on areas between eyes or sides of eyes depending on the eyes shape and distance between both eyes. Stretch plaster twice its length and return to it's original length before using. Paste before sleeping and peel off in the morning. Wet plaster with water for easier peel-off removal. Recommended to use for 3 days and rest 1 day respectively.


Suitable for Eyes that:

  • Lack double eyelids
  • Eye positions are not balanced
  • Corner of eyes are sagging
  • Simply wish to appear larger.



  • Do not use everyday - use up to 3 days in a row then take a break the day after
  • Do not stick more than 10 hours
  • Dispose after each use
  • Do not used on wounded skin
Reviewed by Meep, 10/26/2012

This is my first time using eyelid tape because I want to have permanently double eyelids. Which I read that you can get it if you wear eyelid tapes day and night.
Very easy to apply on. This tape sticks well at day time. But it usually doesn't last over night when I sleep while having it on. When I wake up, there is only one side that still sticks on my eyelid. I never wear this outdoor because I don't think this is natural looking. It is only invisible if you look straight forward or up. But not when you look at sides or down.
I can't tell if it actually possible to get double eyelids permanently because I have only started using it.

Reviewed by Monique, 03/24/2012

It's amazingly very easy to use. The double sided tape makes it invisible once you've applied as it kinda stick the skin on top of it to create the crease. a few practices will do for those who doesn't have a steady hand.