Lioele Princess Mirror - Baby Pink

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Beautiful Baby Pink Lioele Princess Mirror. The princess mirrors come in two shades of pink : Hot pink and Baby Pink.



Reviewed by Pk, 04/01/2014

I already expected this mirror to be small from watching youtubers. It is also very cute. A perfect size for doing your eye makeup.

Reviewed by Anonymous, 03/10/2013

The size is very small; good for traveling, bad for a full view of face. I agree with another reviewer, the product is over price for the size (my opinion, it's worth half the price). The quality is excellent. The handle/frame will last you a long time (just don't break the mirror). The design is adorable. Also packaging is a cute pink box. This is one of those beauty items that will make your girlfriends want to have one as well. I wish I got this for free when I had the chance (code expired). Overall, 3 stars because it ranges in an average for me. Would I buy this again, no. Would I recommend it, yes for beauty lovers because it's more of a collection than usage.

Reviewed by Mimi, 08/13/2012

This mirror is extremely beautiful! I love the pastel, baby pink color of the mirror. I wish there is a bigger version, but it's a good thing that it's compact for easy on-the-go. It's durable and very good quality. I love it!

Reviewed by Vicky, 03/05/2012

love this mirror, its pink and so cute. too bad its not a big version of it.

Reviewed by Christie, 02/03/2012

I got this mirror for free, and to be honest, at first, I was disappointed by the size. The pictures make it look really big, but actually, it's quite small. But on the other hand, the design is really cute and it's easy to carry around.

Reviewed by Hawaiian Sophie, 05/16/2011

Cute but so small. This item is overpriced for the size and quality.

Reviewed by fkhan, 04/02/2011

The mirror is small but it is still cute and I like the details of the design. I would prefer for the mirror to be made bigger; so it look more like for a lady than for a kid. It is a compact size if you like small. Overall, other than the size I like the mirror!

Reviewed by lisa, 02/01/2011

this is so adorable. i was a little disappointed that they were sold out of the hot pink one though, but i still love it. i keep it in my make up bag.

Reviewed by Thao, 01/23/2011

I love this mirror! It's so small and cute, very portable. It does not feel cheap at all. I love it even more because The mirror was free when you buy $35+

Reviewed by Chiara ♥, 12/01/2010

I adore this mirror! It is such an amazing quality and a perfect travel size!!!!

Reviewed by Ellie, 11/29/2010

This is the most gorgeous mirror ever. Both colors. I'm not a huge fan of pink, but oh my goodness they are absolutely beautiful -- the detailing on the mirror itself sparkles like a hologram, reflecting rainbows it's really pretty. There /is/ a good weight to it, not too heavy though since it's about 15.5 cm x 8 cm in size, doesn't feel flimsy or cheap at all. Everyone should get one of these.. or even one of each color !

Reviewed by Belinda B., 11/21/2010

This is the cutest mirror in the WORLD. Reminds me of the enchanted mirror from Beauty and the Beast, but its smaller. Very intricate etchings on the mirror and very small in case you wanted to travel with it.

The mirror is completely distortion free - a big plus in small mirrors.

Highly recommend everyone getting one!

Reviewed by Ynez, 11/17/2010

I really like this mirror. It has such a princess-y and whimsical feel to it—just like anything gyaru should! Not only that, but it is a good quality mirror. It’s weighty and durable, the perfect size for either storing in your purse or having it on your vanity to see your makeup work, up close.