Lioele False Eyelashes: Cutie 4

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Note: Sold without disposable glue.


Beautiful lashes made with the richest fiber. Soft to the touch, but yet sturdy for long term use. Custom design to draw attention and enhance the alluringness of the eyes. Long, criss-cross and V-shaped lashes. Pointy lashes are design to shape the eye and help to direct attention to the center of the eye giving the illusion of rounder and brighter eyes. These criss-cross lash with pointy spikes give the natural effect of a criss-cross lash, and also gives the rounder eye effect.



Directions: Trim lashes according to your eyes' shape. Apply glue onto the band of the eyelash and let it sit for 10 seconds to become adhesive. Apply lash onto the very base of your lashes, closest to the lash line. Let sit to dry.


Volume:      Length:  




  • Rich fibers
  • Comes with glue
  • Reusable
  • Soft material


Reviewed by Allison, 08/10/2011

I thought these lashes were gonna be longer than they actually were. they were only slightly longer than my real lashes after mascara (and I have thin/short asian lashes) so I thought they wouldn't make too much of a difference. but I was wrong!

I am so happy with this because not only does it look natural (my friend hates it when I wear false lashes because he thinks it looks gross lol but this time he didn't even notice!) it also adds a subtle cute enhancement to your eyes. when I took them off I could really see the difference and I wanted to put them back on lol

I didn't care for the glue it came with though, it didn't last throughout the day very well but maybe I just have to get used to it

Reviewed by Sha, 07/05/2011

Wah, I love these lashes... ♥ They are pretty natural looking, diffidently worth buying :D

Reviewed by Niki, 04/02/2011

I really like these lashes! Especially since their short, but long enough to open up my eyes, perfect for everyday! May need to purchase a few backups next time ^.^