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Want soft lips with an amazing baby pink glow? Lioele Blooming Pop is a soft and moisture absorbing milk lotion without stickiness, it has a lovable pink tint to give you a clear and transparent glow; doesn't rub off easily and lasts for long periods of time so you can flaunt the pure look.

This product that can also be used as a blusher will give you natural and lovely warm cheeks.



  • Moisturizes
  • Softens
  • Long-Lasting
  • No Stickiness
  • May be used as blush










Reviewed by Elle, 02/13/2014

I purchased the cherry tint and I am very happy with the results! At first, it can be a bit tricky to use since you only need a tiny amount to stain your lips. I recommend starting out little by little so you can build up the desired colour. It gives you a very natural look and won't budge all day. The rose scent is really strong when you first apply it, but it will fade after a few minutes. Over all I recommend trying this product.

Reviewed by Lyla, 01/23/2014

I bought the cherry tint because I wanted a longer lasting lip colour and this had so many good reviews. It is extremely watery. I must have put at least 10 layers on, trying to get it to be red, but the tint is just so light that it just looked like I had put on cherry chapstick but dry. It smelled nice like roses but tasted absolutely horrible. If your lips are chapped whatsoever it will sting into those places, and it said not to use on your cheeks if you have eczema, so I was never afforded the option to use it as blush.

Reviewed by JM, 12/31/2013

I purchased Cherry tint and it has fully converted me from Benefit Benetint- a staple of my makeup routine. The color is vivid and build-able, the consistency is watery but slightly gel-like, and it's super long lasting.

Reviewed by Nicki, 07/24/2013

I bought this in Pinky Tint. I use it as a cheek tint, and I really like it! The product smells really nice, and blends out smoothly on my cheeks. I like that it feels nice and light on my skin! My only complaint is that on my skin tone (I'm close to an NW20 in Mac shades) the colour is pretty sheer and subtle, so I need to build it up a bit. However, that's not that big of a deal, and I'd recommend this product for a pretty, dewy flush :).

Reviewed by Sangychu, 10/06/2012

I purchased the Cherry tint and I really love it! It's very versatile because you can use it as a lip stain or a cheek stain and you have total control of how vivid or sheer you want your application to appear. I particularly like this more as a lip stain as I don't like red for my cheeks. This as a lip stain, is long lasting, does not dry my lips out and is very buildable. I also love the ability to be able to wear it underneath glosses for a nice ombre effect or a nice red undertone to pinky colored lip glosses. I like using this with the Lioele blooming glosses, very nice combo! The only thing I have to complain about this product is the scent/taste. It's not pleasant to me, but it's nothing that is unbearable and the scent/taste dissipates quickly. Would highly recommend (if you don't mind the slight chemical smell/taste) and I would repurchase if I run out.

Reviewed by Ivy, 09/15/2012

I purchased the orange tint recently and unfortunately did not like the product. I was expecting a very bright orange tint, as shown in the advertisements, but it applies on as more of a peachy shade. What I really disliked about the product is how watery it is. You can apply a dot on the back of your hand, and when you try to blend it out, you will not see any pigment moving around, but you will feel a very watery substance absorbing. Because of this reason, you would rather wear this alone without base make-up, as it might make it rub off. Sadly, I will not be re-purchasing this.

Reviewed by Courtney, 08/22/2012

I bought the Cherry Tint. I am NC35 so this red is the perfect color and doesn't look too bright or fake. However, it is very watery and I wonder if they changed the formula recently because older reviews have mentioned that it is thicker and gel-like. This is very watery and at first I put on too much and it did not apply well. It is awkward to apply because of the watery consistency. After 2-3 more tries I figured out that you must make sure the brush isn't too saturated and only holding a little bit of the liquid at a time before you apply because you need very little to cover your whole lip! It also takes a few minutes to soak in and until it does, if you touch your lips with your finger or a napkin or anything, it will come off. I do have pigmented lips naturally and instead of a bright red popsicle color, it darkened to sort of a dark mauve on me. It's very natural looking. Although it did give a nice stain once it dried, I did have to cover it immediately with a nice smelling lip balm. The tint is rose scented and it is VERY strong. The first time I put it on it nearly made me gag. I have to hold my breath when applying it and try very carefully not to taste it. Usually, I prefer sweet candy, fruit, or vanilla scents for lip balms. Something that seems appropriate to taste. This rose smell is nauseating and much stronger than I thought it would be. I am disappointed that I won't be able to return this. I will find a way to use it now and then but I definitely will not repurchase unless they change the smell.

Reviewed by Adeee, 08/03/2012

Love this product! It gives a really nice tint, doesn't make it look like I am even wearing a lip product! I bought this is the red shade, so now everyone thinks my lips are naturally red! I love that its not sticky at all and doesn't dry out my lips. Lovely product, definitely recommend this!

Reviewed by M-Kay, 07/31/2012

I recently bought pinky tint. This was definitely a good purchase! My lips are already naturally pink so you can barely see it on my mouth BUT I used it on my cheeks and it looks great! Very easy to apply and blend for a natural flushed look. I might have to try the other colors!

Reviewed by Scarlett, 06/21/2012

Ive got the cherry tint, and so far Im loving it,its true it gets a little dry if you dont wear a lipblam under it, so I highly recommend to do this before applying it. Is cute and I love it as a lip tint but not as much as blush, at least not the cherry one. Also, the smell is great, smells like roses but doesnt taste as good hahaha. Oh and expect people looking at you when applying it while going out, people stare thinking is nail polish going on your lips.

Reviewed by Michelle, 06/09/2012

This is one of the items I bought as my first purchase from pretty and cute. I debated our buying it but the reviews gave me confidence that the purchase cant go wrong. I love this product. You can wear it alone or with a gloss on top.I purchased the cherry color. I will definately buy the other colors.

Reviewed by Sophia Sundara, 06/06/2012

I bought the cherry tint recently and I love it so far! It gives my lips a sexy, supple look. I do recommend wearing a moisturizing lip balm under it because it can be dry. It's hard for me to not put it on without accidentally tasting it too, but I'll master it soon! Overall, love it, hope to try the other shades!

Reviewed by Jessica, 05/12/2012

I really like this tint! I ordered the cherry tint and I wear it almost every day on the lips. One downfall, hoewever, is the packaging. I carry it with me all the time and some product always leaks out, which is a waste. But overall I really like it and would order it again and I would also like to try the other colors.

Reviewed by Alixina, 04/16/2012

I use the Cherry tint everyday. I always carry it with me. However, make sure you moisturise your lips before appliance, as it will stay on your lips all day!

Reviewed by Elizabeth, 03/21/2012

I have always wanted this. I love using it as a blush :) haven't try it on the lips yet.

Reviewed by Sheena, 03/15/2012

This is an awesome lip tint. I got the red one and it is amazing. it smells nice and it makes my lips look redder and brighter.

Reviewed by Aya Beese, 02/11/2012

I am in LOVE with this product!!!! I choose pinky tint and it looks amazing on any skin colour me (NC 15-20), my sis (NC 25-30) and my bff (NC 40) have been using it now for one or two months! We've been using as blush & lip tint. You can build it amazingly well, from very soft pink to a really popping colour ♥ think I'll buy the others too ♥

Reviewed by Jenny, 01/26/2012

I got the cherry tint and I adore it. It really gives you a natural looking "popsicle" effect, which was what I was looking for. Just apply lipgloss or lipstick on top of it, and it's really pretty. It adds a little more color to your lips. I love this product and will be looking forward to repurchasing more colors.

Reviewed by Maddie, 12/30/2011

i have purchased the cherry one, and just recently purchased the pinky one. it's a cute pink, but it seemed thicker than the cherry one! not sure. and it smelled better in my opinion, haha, almost like candy or something really sweet. the cherry one smelled like rosewater. I don't know why they smell different! anyway though, it's a cute color and I love this tint overall. although, I did have a problem with the packaging. If you let it lay on its side (it was in my bag), it can get to where the tint comes out of the ehm, bottle?, haha and it got on my stuff in my bag (and it was closed tightly..)

Reviewed by Sally, 11/17/2011

Purchased: Pinky Tint
Perfect. I've tried tony moly lip tint, marker stains and this lives up to its hype! Definitely going back for the orange one! My sister whose lips are pigmented because she is tanned says it's too sheer but for light skinned individuals I'd highly recommend. It is really natural and no one can tell I'm wearing anything. It also lasts long. Eating, drinking, and running. I usually apply two coats if I'm going to be out all day. It can be very versatile to sheer and bright pink on me like as advertised. I love topping it with a gloss or chapstick. It isn't drying at all either which is a major bonus for me. It's super moisturizing.

Reviewed by Thoa Le, 11/10/2011

at first when i applied the cherry tint on, it wasn't noticeable but after 2 or 3 coating of this tint, it looked really good. My lips look like this is its natural color. no shine to it at all tho. you need to add another coat of clear shine lip gloss. but overall i love this product. no need to re-apply lipstick or lip gloss over and over again through out the day! :)

Reviewed by Janie, 10/06/2011

I have officially said goodbye to all my lipstick, because this stuff is absolutely perfect. I got the cherry tint and I can't even express how much I love this product. I'm Korean but I have very pale skin, so I was a bit hestitant to try it in case it made me look like a vampire, but I was very happy withthe results! It dries nicely and doesn't smell or taste funny, and when the color soaks in it tingles a bit. I like to apply the color only on the inside of my lips and put some clear gloss over it after it dries. It looks fantastic!

The only con is that it is sort of drying if you like to reapply often, but still five stars because it's nothing a little Chapstick at night can't fix.

This was actually my first order from PrettyandCute along with a new pair of extensions and the shipping was super fast! They also let me pick out a sample of BB cream and when I opened the box I found a cute ring, too. I will definetly be ordering from this website again. Thanks so much!

Reviewed by Mitsukyun, 09/26/2011

I really like it, you can have a different sort of color depending of the amount of tint you put on ! And on the cheek it gives a healthy look, without being too noticable !

Reviewed by Michelle, 09/13/2011

I bought this in orange. I always lean towards orange or nude rather than pink or red for a natural look and to make my face look warmer. I have a fair/light complexion and this on my lips actually doesn't really show up. It's very sheer. It's buildable but I guess I have to put on a lot of layers to look like the model's picture. But I love it that it's sheer. It give a light moist shine and a slightly more coral tint than my lips which is so natural and supple looking. It's a bit sticky so I could put a lip moisturizer on top. And it tastes a bit like candy. I saw the youtube tutorial that Jen frmheadtotoe had on this product, and I think maybe I'll go with a red next time for a more lollipop look.

Reviewed by Madison, 08/12/2011

I got the cherry one, and I love it!!~ It's a perfect lip tint and it looks so cute on the cheeks, too. I actually like the smell.

Reviewed by Jin, 08/02/2011

i was excited to get this after reading all the great reviews and that it was an alternative for benetint and posie tint for almost half the price. it looks nice on the lips and cheeks but unlike everyone else, the staying power was not good at all for me. other people say that it stays on for them even after drinking or eating but for me it totally disappeared after not that long. if i stay away from eating or drinking then its alright

Reviewed by Dina, 07/30/2011

I have this in pink tint. i really love this lip tint and the pink one is perfect! next time i'll order the cherry tint!!

Reviewed by Saibachick, 07/21/2011

These are my holy grail for my lips! I have every single color and love all of them especially the cherry tint. I haven't tried them on my face for blush but I think they would work just great. I recommend this for anyone who likes long lasting natural looking lip color :D

Reviewed by Jessica, 07/12/2011

I got the pink one and it is the best lip product i have. it stays on for about 12 hours (with a lipgloss)and it looks so natural. I have very pink lips and this kinda highlights my natural lip color while making it very cute and perky at the same time. I tried it as a blush and i didnt love it so much. for some reason it didnt show up very well on my skin even though i am very pale (mac NC 20ish). The application is kinda weird because its a brush so i feel like it makes the color on my cheeks uneven. It might just me being picky but other than that, hands down for the best lip product!

Reviewed by Pa, 07/11/2011

I bought this in the cherry tint. At first I thought it might be too strong but it really depends on how much you apply. Since it contains rosewater it smells like roses. I don't really like the scent but it goes away pretty quickly. It stays on for a pretty long and also looks great as a blush as well. I would buy this again but maybe in a different color just to try it out as well.

Reviewed by Allison, 07/07/2011

I really like this tint :) I got the pinky tint and was surprised when I first used it. From the pictures here I thought it would be a light pink/baby pink color. However, unlike the bottle that's not the case. It's slightly translucent and is kinda bright pink. When I used it, it looked waaay too bright on me (I'm somewhat asianly pale but not ghostly at all). I prefer subtle lip colors. So now I use a lot less and love it! it has a watery consistency but not runny, it reminds me of nail polish but stickier so it doesn't drip? if that makes sense... -__-; lol upon standing for a few minutes after application, to me it's a bit sticky but it doesn't bother me since I use my lioele blooming gloss right after. there is also a mild tingling I feel after applying it but that's not bothersome either. it definitely fades throughout the day for me but it stays enough to be seen by the end of the day (not a common characteristic in my experience). after I use it all up I'm wanna try the orange tint :D

Reviewed by Micky, 06/24/2011

brought the pink one.. really great using as a lip tint. long lasting as well.. I will buy the orange color next time~~

Reviewed by Jin, 06/07/2011

Beautiful bought the cherry and then pink tints. They both go on very nicely and last through out the day. The pink tint gives a soft colour and gives your lips a very nice lift against your skin, and the cherry looks very elegant. love it!!

Reviewed by Valery, 06/06/2011

I bought this and it works like a charm... i bought the cherry one i love it :) TOTALLY RECOMMENDED IT ! for girls with tan skin like me..if your'white u wanna get pink one ... or maybe orange

Reviewed by Ru Ru, 05/21/2011

I've bought the cherry tint.
pros: Lasts SOOO LONG! smells like flower. Works for both lips and cheeks!
con: BITTER TASTE! doesn't work/look nice if lips are dry. Colour won't appear if lips have naturally dark colour.
Overall, This is one lovely and unique lip tint/cheek blush. I gotta say though, I wish someone warned me about the TASTE!!! I was trying it out for the first time and some got in my mouth and I was SHOCKED! it was SOOO BITTER n made me tough sort of numb! so be careful and beware when using this. Also, I have quite a dark natural lip colour so the tint didn't really show on my top lip and didn't stand out that much on my bottom lip either but I used a light pink as my base and the tint stands out so it's working fine now. I also try it on my cheeks to see if it actually works and it does. At first the red REALLY stand out but after a few minutes it tone down and looks really nice, quite natural looking too! So I do recommend this!

Reviewed by Nourah, 05/20/2011

I got it in cherry tint and it's super awesome!!! I apply it on my lips and it's not sticky at all! This shade is good if you want to put a red wine color on your lips, esp. if you are at work when you need to look professional, then I highly recommend this.

Reviewed by E. S. Chan, 05/19/2011

I bought the orange tint since I'm on an orange kick, and I only use it as a cheek tint, though I think maybe I'll try it as a lip tint soon. I love the texture and feel of it on my skin and it does give a nice natural looking pop of color on my cheeks. I also like the faint fruity scent.

Reviewed by Amelia, 04/24/2011

Love it

Reviewed by Christina, 04/22/2011

I got the orange color tint and I love this. The color is absorbed into my lips and lasts hours and looks so cute. It gives my lips a cute peachy color. Best of all my boyfriend doesn't complain like he did about when I wore lipgloss saying my lips were "sticky" since my lips soak it in haha

Reviewed by saki, 04/03/2011

I really love this product! It's not greasy or gummy at all and it goes on so smoothly! The color is also beautiful and perfect if you want to get that cute, pink Korean lip tint. I got mine in the Pinky Tint and I love it! It goes great with lip balm and lip gloss.

Reviewed by Jessica, 03/23/2011

I love this tint! At first I was staring at it thinking that it looked like nail polish and I didn't get how to put it on but after I got the hang of it, the color was beautiful. I got the pinky tint and it was the perfect pink color. It wasn't too bright but looked very dolly and cute. It looked nice on the cheeks too! I plan to try the other ones when I have time

Reviewed by Keiri, 03/11/2011

I absolutely loooove this product! It works amazingly as both a lip tint AND blush. I purchased the Pinky Tint, and it gives such a cute, doll-like look. This is definitely worth the $11.49! ^^

Reviewed by JK, 03/05/2011

I purchased the Cherry Tint for my lips. I think it's too bright to use as a blush, but it's perfect for lips. I doesn't leave a film, just tints the lips. Imagine the effects of a popsicle.

Reviewed by Carly, 02/21/2011

I bought the pinky tiny because I thought the cherry tint would be too red for me, but I think I should have bought that instead. The pinky tint shows up very sheer on me, but does leave a glossy look. It's a nice colour for the cheeks though, which is it's purpose.

Reviewed by Yuri, 02/11/2011

I bought the Cherry tint ; I love it, gives a nice red touch to your lips with out over doing it. If you want to you can add 2-3 coats and make a super red shade if you would like too. I think I will buy the Pink tint too ^^

Reviewed by Andie, 01/01/2011

This works soooo good! I have the pinky tint because I wanted something that would make my natural lip color stand out a little more and this does it. I didn't get the cherry tint because I thought it would make my lips look too red. Using it alone dries out my lips a little so I put this on after applying some lip balm then added some gloss over it, and it stays on very well. The next morning my lips still had a pinky tint to them. This is a lot better than a lip stain, definitely buy this product you won't regret it.

Reviewed by Naoko, 12/27/2010

I bought both the cherry tint and pinky tint, and i must say, the pinky tint has a very good tint, the cherry tint was a little to red for me. I'm thinking of buying the orange tint next to complete my Lioele collection :)

Reviewed by Ynez, 11/23/2010

I adore this product. However, I only use it as a lip tint. I bought it in cherry tint and it is gorgeous. It gives my lips such a lovely red flush. It's watery, but not runny, so the brush is perfect in controlling where you want colour. The tint smells subtly of rose water, which is pleasant. Definitely recommend this product.

Reviewed by Kyasarin, 11/19/2010

This is a wonderful lip tint, though it has a watery consistency. Plus, this product gives more pigmented lips and fuller lips. The scent is pretty decent, and it last for along time during wear. As a blush, it leaves a natural flush color. I will continue to buy this product.

Reviewed by panue, 11/16/2010

i love this product. i tried it out today and it was great.

Reviewed by Casey, 11/16/2010

Bought this in Cherry tint. It's really nice, and the price is a lot better compared to Benefit's Bene-tint. I don't really love this as a blush, but using it as a lip tint is great. The color lasts a long time!

Reviewed by Theresa, 11/13/2010

It's a very good tint. It has an almost gel-like feel, and is better at controlling, unlike the Benefit one that is too watery.

Reviewed by Connie Yang, 11/10/2010

This is a great lip tint. I purchased the pinky tint but i think i should of bought the cherry tint. My lips are pretty pigmented and so when i apply pinky tint on my lips the color was pretty sheer. I still use it on my cheeks and it gives me such a cute flush to my cheeks :)

Cherry Tint- Water, Methyl Gluceth-20, Butylene Glycol, Glyceryl Plymethacrylate, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Proplyene Glycol, Alcohol Denat., Polysorbate 2-, Rosa Centifolia Flower Water, Fragrance, Benzophenone-9, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Aka 2, Red 40

Pinky and Orange Tint- Water, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Butylene Glycol, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate,Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate, Copolymer, Polysorbate 60, Squalane, Ethylhexylglyerin, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance (Parfum), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Red 27 (CI 45410:1), Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Blue 1 (CI 42090)