Lioele Blooming Gloss

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Do you want a shiny gloss that lasts for hours and moisturizes your lips at the same time? The Lioele Blooming Lip Gloss provides a healthy shine on your lips while improving damaged cells due to external stimulation. Not only are these glosses good for your lips, they come in 11 different shades that will make your lips appear full, well polished and shiny. This product consists of selected ingredients like Vitamin E and natural colorant, which provides you with extreme moisturization and gives you a natural but shiny finish. The special highly hydrous polymer ingredient forms a barrier to keep moisture in by suppressing evaporation of water from your lips.  The best part of this gloss is that it has no harsh fragrance. It is scented to smell like a sweet candy. No lip gloss on the market can compare. 


Directions: Apply directly onto lips and rub lips together to spread evenly. 



  • Shines
  • Improves Damaged Cells
  • Long-Lasting
  • Moisturizes
  • Retains moisture




Reviewed by Jez, 05/22/2015

I got the #2 Flower Pink and I really like it! It enhances the color of my lips and makes them pop. Not too sticky or sparkly, just a nice youthful pink. Smells amazing! I'll definitely be trying other colors!

Reviewed by Anzi, 09/27/2014

LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I have to be completely honest here. I am not much of a lip gloss girl but WOW do I adore these lip gloss! The colors I have are vanilla pink and twinkle pink. Not much of a pink person either but the shade is just wonderful and smell is so subtle. You will not regret purchasing this. I promise. :)

Reviewed by Yee, 04/18/2014

I really REALLY LOVE this lipgloss!! It's by far one of my most favorite lipgloss of ALL lipglosses. However, I am allergic to one of the ingredients in them and I'm still trying to find out which one and it made my lips swelled up and was very itchy. I only apply it once every two weeks and that one time always end up in swelled up, itchy lips the next day lasting up to a week to a week and a half. This lipgloss isn't sticky like most that I've tried. It goes on so well and I love the color. The smell is very nice and sweet! It's a beautiful lipgloss so if you're one of those who can put on any kind of makeup without any allergic reaction, this gloss is highly recommended. Even if I can't wear it I still don't want to give it away.

Reviewed by Sara, 03/19/2014

Decided to give this gloss a whirl because after my go-to (Smashbox Gloss: Pout) ran out.
This is really affordable, smells like candy (I had to grab a lychee gummy), and the color is great!
I purchased in Vanilla Pink. My look is I usually put a little bb on my lips to nude them and then do gloss. It's a cute baby pink that's saturated enough, but not neon-y (which is an issue i had with the smashbox). I have to echo a lot of the nice texture comments. It stays put well (baring eating and drinking), without feeling tacky and sticky. Definitely buildable-finish.

Smashbox is about $5.00 more, for a tiny bit more product, but I'm sold on this gloss! I only wish the packaging was a smidge cuter, but that's really not a big deal.

Reviewed by lisapanda, 02/17/2013

Decide to buy this after reading all the positive reviews about the Blooming Gloss. I bought this in cherry red and it is amazing. The color is buildable to a very nice shade of red and it smells wonderful. The price is kinda steep for me for a lip gloss so most likely I will not be buying any other colors.

Reviewed by Cindy, 01/19/2013

Got this in Vanilla Pink and omg I love it! I was hesitant cuz $12 for a lip gloss is pretty hefty since theyre so many cheaper ones out there but you won't be disappointed. There's a lot in the tube, much bigger than I thought and the color is sooo pretty. Gonna go broke but I gotta get more!

Reviewed by Aly Lactin, 01/17/2013

I purchased the lovely twoway color, it instantly moisturizes and looks gorgeous and I love the glitter/shimmery-ness :D and its sticky but not in a bad way, its the nice kind of sticky like you dont feel it if you smack your lips or rub them together :)I also bought the Lioele All Night Treatment Moisture Lip Essence, great combo!! The gloss smells like candy and the night moisture smells like jolly rancher, both look great and moisturize sooooo well :D I will definitely repurchase both! Lioele products are seriously the best!!

Reviewed by Midori, 01/11/2013

This gloss is simply awesome! I bought it in "Flower Pink" and the colour is very beautiful. It also smells so good and that means a lot coming from me, because I'm very sensitive to smell. When I put the gloss on, my lips feel truly moisturised (like promised in the description). You also don't need to apply a lot, so the product will certainly last for some months. I'll definitely buy more colours in the future.

Reviewed by Aby, 12/19/2012

Bought in Cherry Red (pics included)

Reviewed by Jessica Xu, 12/03/2012

JUST received my gloss today in #2, Flower Pink. These glosses are really amazing! Flower Pink is a really really pretty, warm melon-orangey pink, and it looks SO SO SO beatiful!

Reviewed by Momo, 11/24/2012

I had previously purchased #10 "Lovely Twoway," and I loved it, so I thought I'd try a different color. I recently bought #2 "Flower Pink." I have yet to use it alone, but it works great with Lioele's Glo-Stick in "Milky Pink" :)

Reviewed by Courtney, 11/13/2012

I bought Cream Orange and I am disappointed that although the gloss looks great in the tube, there seems to be NO pigment in it once it is on my lips. I've tried covering my lips with powder to lighten them but the gloss still appears clear and does not have even a slight orange tint. The scent is accurately described by other reviewers, a pretty strong smell that reminds me of generic japanese candy or car freshener. I don't love the smell but at least it's better than the rose scented Liole pop tint which makes me gag. The texture is great, it does not feel sticky, just slippery on the lips. The shine is very high which also makes me happy and makes this gloss worthwhile as a clear gloss on top of other lip tints or lipstick. I would give 5 stars if the pigmentation was better, but I give 4 stars for the texture, shine, and a scent that's not great but definitely tolerable.

Reviewed by Lumina, 08/14/2012

I first tried this lip gloss out while browsing around in Korea and was very happy with the consistency! Then when I finally purchased one in Vanilla Pink off of Pretty and Cute (it's slightly cheaper here), I was absolutely in LOVE with these glosses! It smells and faintly tastes like Flower's Kiss Candy if you've ever had those before which is very common for most Korean lip glosses. This lip gloss has a lot of "slip" to it in that you can smack your lips together and your lips will glide across each other instead of sticking (which I like that silicone kind of feel though others may not appreciate it). The lip gloss will only start to feel very slightly sticky if you have applied too much. Now it is time for me to collect them all! :)

Reviewed by Brittany, 08/06/2012

I got Flower Pink and it's a nice sheer reddish pink color. It smells like those gummy Peach ring candies. It is not sticky like everyone says. I really can't wait to get Vanilla Pink and maybe all the other colors too bwuaahah. :D

Reviewed by Scarlett, 06/21/2012

Bought this in lovely Twoway,well I think this is a good produc, not great but good. I hated the smell, I thought it was gonna smell good cause everybody says so,but I didnt like one bit. Its true is not sticky, but the smell is a big turn off for me, still not as bad as a whole.

Reviewed by giau, 06/18/2012

love love love the vanilla pink!! smells like candy and not sticky like other lip glosses the color was a nice hint of pink. i also got the lovely two ways which was ok just cause i didnt like how much glitter it had in it. also got the flower pink and its more like a sheer red then pink. but over all i do really like this product and will try the other colors!

Reviewed by Kathy, 06/04/2012

It came really quick and I was very impressed with this product. I got vanilla pink because of all the positive comments on it and the color shade is perfect! It is definetly worth the price! plus it smells really good too. I would totally get it again

Reviewed by Karen, 05/31/2012

Amazing lip gloss a must have for lip gloss fanatics it has an amazing smell and doesnt dry your lips.

Reviewed by Noon P., 04/07/2012

I've been searching for the perfect lip gloss in a very long time and decided to purchase this one based on all the reviews. I was a bit skeptical since usually I found myself being disappointed despite the good reviews on the product. Since all the colors I wanted were out of stock, I decided to get Lovely Two Way. I must have got the very last one since it is now out of stock as well. Lucky me! The product arrived within 3 days (thumbs up for Pretty and Cute) and I absolutely LOVE this gloss. As all the reviews say, the gloss smells fruity and it is in a perfect consistency (not too sticky or watery). The tube size is also perfect for the price. Lovely Two Way is shimmery but actually flatters my natural lip color very well (I'm Asian with tan/yellow undertone skin). I actually think this color will fit any skin color. I definitely recommend trying this product :) Will purchase more colors once it becomes available again.

Reviewed by Monique, 03/10/2012

Smells really nice, feels moisturizing, looks great on, last for several hours...I love these glosses. I got them in flower pink, vanilla pink, and latte brown. They're all quite sheer, and add a hint of color.

Reviewed by Vicky, 03/05/2012

I got six of these blooming gloss and i love them all. I got -
#1 Orange Sherbet
#3 Cherry Red
#5 Vanilla Pink
#6 Baby Pink
#9 Shining Purple
#10 Lovely Twoway

Reviewed by juniebee, 02/23/2012

I ordered the vanilla pink based off other reviews. It doesn't look like the color swatch online, which is a good thing to me. It's more of a mauve with pink undertone (not peach or baby pink at all) and a nice sheen without being shimmery. It has good pigmentation and smells SO good! It's also not sticky and has a sponge vs brush applicator, which is nice. I plan to try the other colors.

Reviewed by Ellen, 01/10/2012

I tired out flower pink and it is a flattering shade for most skin type i think, they're non sticky and glide on so nicely on the lips. And yes the scent smells like candy and is the sweetest lipgloss scent you'll ever smell. Over all this is a great product and will defo repurchase and buy the other shades!

Reviewed by Harmony, 12/30/2011

Have these in Flower Pink and Gold Beige. Like everyone else says, they aren't sticky and they smell so good! Flower pink is a nice carnation pink, Pnd the Gold Beige makes a pretty,subtle gold-shimmer nude lip.

Reviewed by Chelsfofo, 12/19/2011

love these lip glosses please see video link for full product review plus swatches :)

Reviewed by Grace, 12/05/2011

I cannot rave enough about these lip glosses; I absolutely love them. They're both moisturizing and non-sticky, exactly how they were advertised. I have the color Vanilla Pink, which can be flattering on all skin types. I definitely recommend this product and I can't wait to purchase more!

Reviewed by Janet, 11/30/2011

I got Cherry Red and Two Way shades and the thing I love the most about them is the smell! Please P&C, make a perfume with this scent!

Reviewed by Katherine, 11/29/2011

I never liked putting lip glosses on because they always felt sticky and uncomfortable. I got this in Vanilla Pink (a lovely color I might add) and it had a nice texture. Not only that, it smelled very good and and applied nicely. I look forward to buy other colors although the colors are a little vague, they certainly give your lips a shine.

Reviewed by Fiona, 09/13/2011

After reading about ppl raving about this lip gloss vanilla pink, I just have to give it a try. I got my order yesterday and I was totally won over. It's a natural color when applied on. I also like the texture and no sticky feelings. I am glad that I made the right choice in getting vanilla pink. Love this lip gloss ^_^

Reviewed by Alexis, 08/17/2011

I am so in love with this lip gloss! I ordered it in Vanilla Pink and it came yesterday. The formula is non-sticky and feels great on my lips. The color is beautiful and it smells amazing with no bad taste! I loved it so much I ordered another one today in Baby Pink.

Reviewed by Anna, 08/08/2011

The smell is amazing and I really like the texture and color it leaves on my lips. This is definitely a re-buy, I am like in love with this.

Reviewed by Sylvia, 08/04/2011

Since so many people have said good things about Vanilla Pink, I decided to try that one. I have never been a fan of lipgloss because of the stickyness of it, but this is really amazing! Once it dries on, it's barely sticky! Also has a great smell (like candy, no chemical smell) and a decent taste. Great price too! So far I have loved every Lioele product I have bought from this site. Korea has cosmetics/skincare down well!

Reviewed by Minh, 07/15/2011

Got this in Vanilla Pink, a very cute pink coclor, and Latte Brown which has a pinkish, nude tone to it. It smells wonderful and tasty like asian candy, even my boyfriend couldn't stop smelling it! Although it doesn't taste as good as it smells. It's not super sticky, so my hair doesn't stick on my lips as badly when it's windy. Really tempted to collect all the colors now.

Reviewed by Pa, 07/11/2011

Bought this in vanilla pink and i loved it. The color is really pretty and it felt nice on my lips. I would definitely buy this again and try the other colors out as well!

Reviewed by Isa, 07/03/2011

I've tried tons of lipglosses over the years (I'm a lipgloss addict ^-^) but this one is the best I've ever had! I bought the Lovely Twoway and the color on my lips was exactly what I expected: a mild hot pink with a hint of light shimmery baby pink. Wearing this gloss feels really nice as it's not sticky and it keeps your lips mosturized. Plus it has a delicious fruity smell. Oh and the packaging is so pretty and girly :) I would definitely buy more of these glosses in the future!

Reviewed by Phi Anh, 06/26/2011

Pretty packaging. Fruity smell. Non-sticky and it makes my lips look fuller. I bought the Flower pink which is a beautiful color.

Reviewed by Hailey, 06/22/2011

Very pretty, non-sticky and looks nice over lip color! I got these in flower pink and gold beige. The scent reminds me of this sweet powdered candy that came in plastic tubes that I used to have as a child. I love it! I want to get more soon!

Reviewed by Akane, 06/12/2011

Purchased the #1 orange sherbet and I appreciate this sheer non-sticky lipgloss! To each their own but it's non-sticky to me. The color may look very orangy but it applies sheer and it's very moisturizing. The gloss has a candy-like taste and scent. The slanted sponge applicator holds enough gloss for pretty accurate smooth application. Will purchase more -_0

Reviewed by Sophia, 05/25/2011

I won this product on the P&C first Wednesday giveaway, and I want to thank P&C for that. Now the product. There is too much good aspects of this product. THE BEST LIPGLOSS I HAVE EVER USED. Non-sticky, amazing color choices, nice texture, and smells AMAZING! It's an undescribable sense but OHMYGOSH, it smells so good. I recieved the color #10 Lovely Twoway and it was a dark hot pink mixed in with a baby pink. In the tube it looked really glittery, so at first I thought it wouldn't look good on me because glitter isn't something I would wear. BUT! once you apply this baby on. The glitter is very light and its just a light pink tint. LOVE IT. Not what I thought it would turn out BUT it's exactly what I wanted. Can't wait to try other colors!

Reviewed by Ru Ru, 05/21/2011

I was hesitant to buy the vanilla pink because in the sample picture it looked orangey but when I got it it's actually a really light pink colour! :)
pros: smells so wonderful & no weird tastes! really glossy shiny look. Lasts quite long. Not sticky like other lip gloss.
con: Not that I could think of though the vanilla pink is really light but it can be adjust if you put a darker base colour.
Overall, I adore this blooming gloss. It lasts quite long because after more than 8 hours of applying it (I wasn't eating at that time so I don't know if it still lasts if you eat), I could still see it on my lips. It's not glossy or shiny like when I first apply it but I could definitely tell that it's there.

Reviewed by Rachel Li, 05/20/2011

I bought this in Flower Pink & I love it! I absolutely love Lioele Blooming Glosses!!! They smell so nice and the color looks great on my lips. I do plan on ordering more colors in the future.

Reviewed by Amelia, 04/24/2011

Bought this in Vanilla Pink and I love it. It's a really cute colour and the texture of the gloss is really nice. Not too thick or sticky.

Reviewed by rica, 03/13/2011

this is a must have for any lipstick/lipgloss fanatic. i bought the flower pink and im tempted to get more colors. it lasts a lot longer than most lipgloss and it doesn't dry my lips out. i'm very impressed.

Reviewed by Hisa, 02/14/2011

I bought this in Shining Purple. I wanted to get Flower Pink & Vanilla Pink but they were both out. Getting this is like receiving a present. The packaging of the box and the actual gloss is so pretty! It has this wonderful fruit smell that I can't describe. I feel like I've eaten candy that smelt like that but I just can't remember. The smell is also one of the reasons why I constantly apply even though there's no need for frequent application. Staying power is quite adequate for this type of gloss. There is glitter but it's not gritty. It feels very smooth not sticky on the lips. Although I went out on a windy night with this and of course my hair blew onto my lips. It stuck but not as bad as Mac gloss.

Overall, I love this product. I'm contemplating buying several more glosses.

Reviewed by Naoko, 01/02/2011

I bought this in cherry red and it was very beautiful! the smell was really pretty and made my lips shiny and red!

Reviewed by Ynez, 11/17/2010

Such a lovely product! Good pigmentation and longevity, without being terribly sticky like some lip glosses are. There is a subtle smell to this lip gloss, but that’s not a bad thing! It smells like sweet, sugary candy.

Reviewed by Casey, 11/16/2010

Bought this in Lovely Twoway. It's a really cute pink. I love how this one has two colors. It's has good slip and is not too sticky. My only problem is deciding which one to try next!