Koji Eye Talk Technical Eyelid Tape(Slim Type)

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Koji Eyelid Slim in my opinion best if you already have a double eyelid and want to raise certain areas for a more dramatic Hime look. With a higher eyelid it will make the eye appear larger, rounder, and brighter. Many Hime Gyaru models use this method for photoshoots. A slimmer tape is also less likely to be detected.


Will not peel off easily. Hygiene material tape with a pusher is easy to apply and will not irritate your skin. Slim tapes will not thicken your eyelid.


This product is highly recommended by the famous TV show “Nu Ren Wo Zui Da”.


how to use it


1. According to your eye shape, tailor a piece of tape with a pair of tiny scissors.


2. Clean your eyelids with cotton pads in order to remove impurities and excessive sebum.


3. Look upward so that a lid line appears.


4. Push up your eye lid. Stick a piece of tape on lid line that appears just now (approximately 3mm above the eye line).


5. It should be used before makeup.


6. Attention: the tape should not be seen when you open your eyes. More visible results are seen for those who have unapparent double-fold eyelid. For those who have single-edged eyelid, use double eyelid glue.

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