Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why buy from PrettyandCute?

A: We carry an incredible selection of beauty tools, accessories and other products. We negotiate with our vendors directly - there is no middleman; therefore, we are able to provide them to you at the lowest price. Our products are authentic and are the highest of quality. We ship our products quickly from the USA. Shopping with us enables you many benefits including the earning of reward points to use towards your next order, free samples and offers. Our customer service representatives are also on stand by and eager to help you at all times as well.


Q: Is safe?

A: Absolutely! Our SSL certificate has one of the highest encryption to protect all your sensitive information. Pretty&Cute will never share your information with anyone else but the account holder. We recommend our customers to contact us via e-mail or phone when inquiring about their orders to help prevent fraud. Remember: all we need to know so we can assist you with your order is your 8-digit order number (ex: 21XXXXXX)

Q: Do you have a physical store where I can stop by?

A: Yes we do! Pretty&Cute retail store is located in Portland, Oregon. You can find our shop information on the Contact Us page.


Q: Can I get a sample of some Lioele products?

A: Sure! However, samples are only provided with purchases. You will be able to choose a sample list you'd like to receive during checkout.


Q: The product I want seems to be always out of stock. Why don't you guys re-stock faster?

A: We apologize for the inconvenience, please keep in mind our products are being imported from Asia. The more popular the product, the higher the demand is; therefore, the quicker the product sells out. We do offer in-stock e-mail notifications. Please visit the product and click on the "In-Stock Notification" button. Our system will e-mail you as soon as we replenish our stocks.


Q: I found an outdated date on my Lioele product and it was dated a month ago. Is it expired?

A:  No. It is very common to find a manufactured date on an Asian product instead of an expiration date. Lioele happens to be one of those companies who uses a manufactured date instead of an expiration date. All of our products are sold out within a couple of weeks, so there is no way for it to expire in our hands.


Q: I sent a email using the form, but I haven't gotten a reply. Are you guys ignoring me?

A: Never! Pretty&Cute is known for our friendly customer service and will-do attitude. We would never ignore our customers. There are several factors to what could have happened: Often times customers would missed a letter in their e-mail address which would cause our staff to get a "mail delivery failure" response when we try to respond to you. Please make sure your e-mail address is correct before you submit your question inquiry form.


Q: Why haven’t I received my refund yet?

A: Domestic customers: after a refund is initiated it may take up to a week before the refund is posted in your account due to processing time. International customers: it may take up to 30 days before the refund is posted to your account.


Q: Does the products you carry test on animals?

A: None of the brands we carry specify that they do test on animals. Please remember that Pretty&Cute is a distribution/retail company that specialize in Korean & Japanese cosmetics. We are not the manufacturer of the products. However, at this point Korea does not mandate Korean cosmetic companies to test their products on Animals before they can be sold on the market.


Q: My Skin79 product doesn't have an authenticity sticker and has an expiration date instead of a manufacturing date, is it fake?

A: As of 2013 Skin79 started including expiration dates along with manufacturing dates on the packaging. In other words, all products produced in 2013 will now have an expiration date printed along with a manufacturing date. The bottle itself may or may not include both the expiration and manufacturing date, as of now. Skin79 has also discontinued the use of authenticity stickers on their products. However, all the other key components of determining if your Skin79 product is authentic still apply. Please bare with us while this transition is being made; we currently still have products produced in 2012, which contains the manufacturing date only and authenticity sticker.



Ordering FAQ's

Q: How can I check the status of my order?

A:  Log into your account on Pretty&Cute and click on “My Account” you can view all of your current and previous orders and their statuses.


Q: What does "Processing" mean?

A: Processing is the stage where we get your order ready to go.


Q: Why isn’t my Visa gift card working?

A: In order to use your Visa Gift Card you first must register it and include your billing information. This is because our fraud detection software treats Visa Gift Cards as a normal credit/debit card.


Q: I received an error on my order when I checked out. I resubmitted the order and it still didn't go through, but when I checked my bank statement it shows the money has been taken out?

A:  No worries, that is a common error with credit card transactions. Our security system asks for cardholder's registered information to verify the user. Often times cardholders forget to change their address or miskeyed their zip code which can lead to your card becoming rejected. The system is here to protect our customers from fraud. When you look at your statement you will see the transaction is only "pending", but not complete. If you would like more information, please call your bank or credit card company. Different banks have different transaction times.




Q: I am unable to shop on your site. Every time I attempt to shop on your site, I get an error message saying, “SYSTEM ERROR: We apologize for the inconvenience. A system error has occurred.  Please contact administration support for help.”

A: We apologize for the inconvenience, but as a result of fraudulent activity the IP address of the computer system being used has been banned due to illegal activity. Pretty&Cute is not required to take further action to notify the user that has been ban.








Q:  Do I have to pay sales tax with my order?

A:  Shopping at is 100% Tax FREE! In the state of Oregon, we are not required to pay a sales tax, so we simply won't charge a tax either.


Q: I ordered with the money order payment method - then I checked the status of my order and it says it's voided. How come?

A: The reason for this is we allow customers 1 week for domestic orders and 2 weeks for international orders to send in their payments to us in order to keep our inventory up to date and the availability of products fair for all customers. If your payment is not received within these times, your order will be voided. After your order is voided and your payment arrives to us after that, the amount will be transferred into reward points which will still enable you to order. However, you will need to process a new order if your order is voided.


Q: I sent in my money order/concealed cash payment a few weeks ago and you still haven't received it - what happens now?

A: Please understand that we have made the money order payment method available for the convenience of those who do not have access to credit cards or other forms of payments. When you send in your payment, you are sending it at your own risk. If your payment is lost in the mail, it is not at the fault of Pretty&Cute. However, once we do receive your payment, your order's status will change to "Approved" once it is reviewed and approved. To check on the status and view the details of your order(s), log into your account on Pretty&Cute and click on your order number.


Q: What is "subscription billing"?

A: If you would like to receive the same order weekly, monthly, every 2 months or however long you prefer, choose subscription billing. This tends to be the case for customers who like to have a fresh supply after certain periods of time.


Shipping FAQ's

Q: My tracking number states that my package was delivered but I didn't get anything. Does that mean my package is lost or stolen?

A: With first-class shipping, packages may get lost at times. However, most of the time, residents of the customer's household or neighbors may claim packages in their place and fail to inform them. This is 8/10 times the case when we get an e-mail from a concerned customer wondering if their package is lost. 


Q: How often do you ship out orders?

A: Packages are generally shipped out every 24 hours, typically in the mornings and early daytime (PST) to ensure a fast-shipping cycle so your package gets to you at the shortest amount of time possible.


Q: Why wasn’t my package left on the doorstep, when I asked it to be in the Special Shipping Comments?

A: Pretty&Cute does not deliver the packages to your residence or business. They are delivered by your local post or by UPS, it is decided by the driver, whether or not they leave your package on your doorstep.


Q: I received an email today saying my order was “Shipped/Complete” but I didn’t get my anything. Where is my package?

A: When you receive your automated “Shipped/Completed” email, it means your order is complete and it was shipped. The ship date will be included in the email.


Q: When do I get my tracking number?

A: If you have selected a shipping method that supports tracking, you will receive a tracking number once your order has shipped. The tracking number will be provided in your automated “Shipped/Completed” email. You may check which shipping methods support tracking by visiting the Shipping section of our site.


Q: Why doesn’t International Priority (5-10 business days) have tracking?

A: International shipping rates can be quite spendy, so we wanted to provide our customers with a cheaper shipping service. A cheaper service also means a more basic method of shipping. Basic international shipping is not supported by tracking. To view other methods of shipping that do support tracking, visit the Shipping section of our site.


Q: It has been over 10 business days and I have still not received my package. Where is it?

A: The 5-10 business days are an estimate. Often time’s packages are held up in customs, which may cause a delay in shipping. Please be patient, your package will be arriving soon.


Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide. If your filling in billing/shipping information and do not see your country listed. Please send us an email and we will look into it.


Q: I have an APO address. How do I fill it out in the Shipping Address?


Name: PFC Jane Smith
Address 1: 23rd Battalion
Address 2: Unit 1234, Box 56789
Country: United States
City: APO
State: Armed Forces (Country)
Zip/Postal Code: 96522-1215


Q: How long will it take to receive my order after its been shipped?

A: Please refer to the table in the Shipping section of our site.


Q: Is there free shipping for US residents?

A: Yes! Free shipping for purchases of $50.00 or more to anywhere in the US. And free shipping for purchases of $100.00 or more to anywhere in Canada.