ElishaCoy BB All-In-One Cleanser

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Massage & Cleansing at One Time

  • Make your cleansing more perfect with much stronger 2-in-1 system!
  • Reinforced 2-in-1 system of Elisha Coy makes your cleansing care more perfect
  • Strong moisturizing ability to draw 6000ml of moisture with 1g only
  • Science of pH 5.5 that protects your skin
  • Low-irritant vegetable cleansing care for sensitive skin
  • Pure natural vegetable ingredients are safe for your sensitive or troublesome skin!


Main Ingredients

  • Betaine - It is a natural moisturizing agent extracted from sugar beet and provides skin with elasticity and luster.
  • Centella Asiatica - It speeds up collagen production and improves skin elasticity and softness.
  • Siberian chrysanthemum - With its strong skin-soothing ability, it soothes your skin troubles and restores skin health.
  • Rose Mary - It controls sebum secretion and normalizes the elasticity of loose pores.
  • Linden Flower - Its abundant mucus and tanin soothe irritated skin and reinforce skin elasticity.


Check out the review on this product by Jen of YouTube's "frmheadtotoe" below:





Reviewed by SariaMandra, 01/06/2015

This is by far the best cleanser. Soft and smooth skin after wash. Skin is progressively better. Lightening qualities. I recommend only using once a day because for my sensitive/oily skin, it got itchy dry when I used it both morning and night. PS this is available in free sample form during check out ♡

Reviewed by Addalinah, 11/01/2014

It's wonderful. It feels great when you're massaging it on your skin. When you're rinsing it off your skin immediately feels better, smooth, tight but in a comfy way, and it removes makeup very well. It feels so clean and smells great! Your face feels like it's glowing and literally is. I plan on keeping this in my facial care routine. My skin is very happy with this product.

Reviewed by Angelica, 07/30/2013

Absolutely love this product! It completely removes any trace of make-up I have and leaves the skin feeling fresh. I have even noticed that my pores had reduced both in size and the amount that used to sprout on me by at least 2/3 in the first month. I still find myself amazed at how brilliant this product is.

Reviewed by Linh V., 09/24/2012

This is amazing. It takes off all of my makeup without drying my face out. The smell is nice. Its not too bad. I do agree with the pricing might be a little to high but you know what its worth it. It cleans my face up really well. 1-2 pumps is good enough for the whole face. I do hope there'll be a travel size for this product.

Reviewed by Diana, 06/25/2012

Five star (not sure if it'll show up all the way). I really love using this product to wash my make up/bb cream off at the end of the day. My face feels clean and not overly dried out. Easy to use. Smells nice.

Reviewed by J, 06/24/2012

I love this product! It early gets your face clean of all residue without stripping your face. My face doesn't feel taut or dry. Definitely would recommend this product. If only there was a travel size to take on trips.

Reviewed by Popcorn Bunny, 01/22/2012

I have to say this product is absol-freaking-lutely amazing. I knew Jen from FrmHeadtoToe was on to something when she praised this BB cleanser on one of her videos. It works wonderfully, it literally cleans all the bb cream I have on and removes any traces of residue without leaving my face feel uncomfortably squeaky clean and dry (which can make my skin irritated and red). I would give this cleanser 10 stars if I could because the smell is not overwhelming (it’s very subtle) and the gel like texture is perfect for applying to my face. I completely prefer this cleanser to other BB cleansers like the Lioele BB One Shot Cleanser.

Big container
Smell is subtle and pleasant
Product is easy to dispense and apply
Lifts away all makeup and makeup residue

The price… but you get a lot of product for what you pay for so it all evens out. This was actually the main reason why I was so hesitant about buying the cleanser before but its so amazing, I do not regret buying it.

Reviewed by j Trinh, 01/10/2012

oh god where do i begin talking about this product!! i just got just received it today and didn't come home until late at night so of course i was wearing make-up. Thought i would try out this cleanser and let me tell you i wear black eyeliner and black mascara so its pretty hard to remove. so when i massaged the gel cleanser to my eye makeup it basically came out so easily!! I absolutely lovelovelove this product it smells great, not very strong and it takes off your makeup really fast.

(Main Ingedients)


Centella Asiatica Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Beetaine, Rosemary Extract, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Chrysanthemum Sibiricum Extract.